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North Andover Child Custody Lawyer

Representing Parents and Children in Custody Determinations | Lawrence Child Support Attorney

At the Law Offices of Linda Nutting Cummings, we understand that resolving child custody and visitation matters can be extremely trying. When parents split up, they can have important and deeply sensitive issues to resolve — many of them involving parenting privileges and finances.

Attorney Linda Nutting Cummings has extensive experience in cases involving child custody and support issues, and she will provide empathetic, thorough and effective representation to individuals who face these issues, involving:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child relocation
  • Child support payments
  • Modifications of child custody or support terms

Massachusetts Custody Factors | Child Support Amounts

Massachusetts courts consider numerous factors when determining custody arrangements and setting child support amounts.

Attorney Cummings is familiar with each of these factors, and she assists her clients in evaluating the circumstances and potential outcomes of their cases to seek the best child custody and support resolutions for them and their children. This can be done either cooperatively in negotiations with the other parent, their attorney, or through litigation in a court of law.

Grandparents' Rights | Fathers' Rights

Further, Attorney Cummings helps grandparents, stepparents and other important people in a child's life to pursue custody or guardianship rights when it is in the best interest of the child.

The firm also assists mothers and/or prospective fathers in determining and legally assigning a child's paternity. Establishing paternity can open the door for biological fathers to make decisions concerning a child's life, as well as in setting obligations to pay child support.

Additional Support Options for Children

The Law Offices of Linda Nutting Cummings is aware that "child support" can mean much more than simply providing money for a child's food, clothing and shelter. Attorney Cummings is experienced in working within the legal system to acquire appropriate support for minor children with unique medical needs, who require special education or need funds for college tuition.

North Andover Child Custody Attorney | Free Consultation | 978-470-3535

Although child support guidelines are clear, child support amounts can vary depending on the facts and the ability of your lawyer to present those facts at a hearing. At the Law Offices of Linda Nutting Cummings, our legal team can help you protect or pursue your child custody, visitation and support rights.

For more information, or for a free consultation, contact the firm in Andover, Massachusetts, at 978-470-3535.

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