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Divorce Property Division Lawyer in Andover

Protecting Your Assets | Securing Your Financial Future

Andover Marital Asset Division Attorney

The Law Offices of Linda Nutting Cummings works every day with people who have confronted questions of divorce.

Over the years, Attorney Linda Nutting Cummings has learned that competent legal representation is extremely important: It can make the difference between rebuilding one's life with needed financial resources and living in the ruins of a former life without them.

Separating Financial Fact From Fiction | Lawrence Marital Asset Division Attorney

Attorney Cummings understands the state's divorce laws, its legal system and the workings of the Massachusetts Probate Court. She has successfully litigated numerous cases involving complicated property division issues.

Aided by experts when necessary — including forensic accountants, tax accountants, business valuators, real estate appraisers and personal property appraisers — Attorney Cummings can determine financial fact from fiction in a divorce case and ensure you receive, or retain, the assets that you are due.

Such assets can include:

  • Retirement accounts (including 401(k), IRA and pension)
  • Inheritances
  • Business interest/assets
  • Real property assets (such as homes, farms or investment properties)
  • Investment accounts
  • Stock options
  • Personal property assets (such as cars and other possessions acquired jointly during the marriage)

Divorce Property Division Attorney in Andover | Free Consultation

Attorney Cummings maintains a nimble legal team that can focus intensely on the needs of individual clients. From its office in Andover, the law firm is able to offer Boston-quality legal representation while maintaining a cost-effective fee structure.

Whether your divorce is simple or complex, the Law Offices of Linda Nutting Cummings is able to deliver high-quality, personalized legal representation.

For more information, or for a free initial consultation, please contact the firm in Andover, Massachusetts, today at 978-470-3535.

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