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Andover Divorce Lawyer

One Size Does Not Fit All | Lawrence Complex Divorce Attorney

In many cases, one spouse is ready for a divorce before the other one has adjusted to the idea of a marital separation or dissolution. An experienced family law attorney, like Linda Nutting Cummings, can provide valuable advocacy, advice and facilitation.

Despite the heartbreak of a marital break-up, many spouses in the process of divorce find that they are able to reach agreements on some issues (child custody, for example). At the same time, there may be strong disagreement in other areas (such as equitable property division or spousal support), blocking the way to a full comprehensive settlement. Each separating couple's divorce — acrimonious or agreeable — is as unique as each couple's marriage. There is no "one size fits all" approach to resolving legal matters in a divorce. Listening carefully, returning phone calls, and making the effort to understand each client's needs and desires are all integral parts of the law practice of Massachusetts divorce lawyer Linda Nutting Cummings.

When a collaborative method is the desired approach, Massachusetts divorce lawyer Linda Nutting Cummings has a history of success facilitating settlement conferences that enable parties to reach a full and fair agreement without the need for litigation.

Effective Representation | Andover Divorce Attorney

Attorney Cummings offers empathetic, thorough and effective representation to individuals involved in divorce, whether they are initiating a divorce or responding to a complaint for divorce.

In other cases, aggressive litigation is the most straightforward path to an acceptable resolution. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Linda Nutting Cummings spent a significant amount of time in the courtroom and, as a result, she is now a very experienced litigator. She is compassionate, yet driven to achieve clients' goals in all aspects of divorce, including the following:

As a prosecutor, Attorney Cummings handled dozens of cases involving allegations of domestic violence cases. Today, she works to preserve the rights of her clients, regardless of which side of an allegation of violence that they may find themselves. She has a proven track record of pursuing and achieving favorable outcomes.

Attorney Linda Nutting Cummings has tremendous experience with the financial aspects of a divorce such as the division of property to include retirement accounts and pension plans. She has also been involved in numerous actions in which one party is seeking to modify a former judgment.

To schedule a consultation, contact the law firm online or call 978-470-3535.

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