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North Andover Alimony Lawyer

Lawrence Spousal Support Attorney

People have unique and intensely personal reasons for seeking divorces. Sometimes they didn't seek the divorce at all, but the divorce found them. Regardless of the situation, once a divorce becomes inevitable, each party's concerns inevitably involve money.

The Law Offices of Linda Nutting Cummings represents divorced or divorcing spouses who either seek alimony payments, or wish to prevent such payments from being awarded by a court.

How Will Alimony Reform Affect Me? | North Andover Alimony Attorney

For many years, Massachusetts spousal support obligations have been influenced by several factors, including:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of each spouse
  • Financial history of each divorcing spouse
  • Income of each divorcing spouse
  • Employment and employability
  • Financial liabilities and/or debts
  • Needs of the dependent spouse
  • Educational levels of each spouse
  • Number of dependent children
  • Amount of child support already being paid

There is now new legislation in Massachusetts that is changing the landscape of alimony in Massachusetts. Among the many significant changes is that the amount of alimony granted will be directly tied to the length of a marriage. Further, alimony payments will likely end when the paying former spouse reaches retirement age.

Let Our Legal Team Negotiate Your Divorce Settlement | Free Consultation

Our legal team understands that divorces involve real people with real financial needs and we do everything possible to ensure that our clients' financial needs are met.

For more information about how we help our clients obtain alimony payments, respond to demands for alimony or adjust current orders, contact the firm in Andover, Massachusetts, at 978-470-3535. Let Attorney Cummings' deep understanding of this evolving legal area benefit you.

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