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Andover Domestic Violence Lawyer

Lawrence Restraining Order and Divorce Attorney

Sadly, actual or alleged physical violence plays a role in many Massachusetts divorces. If spousal abuse, child abuse, sexual assault or another crime is taking place in your home, or you have been accused of such behavior, it is important that you hire an experienced advocate.

Attorney Linda Nutting Cummings has a significant amount of experience litigating these delicate issues and obtaining the type of protections that the court system can provide.

Physical Abuse in Divorce? Get a '209A' | Andover Domestic Violence Attorney

A Massachusetts order for protection — commonly known as a "209A" — can prohibit an alleged abuser from coming near or even speaking to an abused or threatened adult or child. Securing this order can be an effective tool to stop the violence, the harassment and the threats.

False allegations of abusive behavior are also a sad reality of divorce. A 209A, when falsely obtained, can prevent an innocent person from seeing his or her children, living at home or engaging in normal activities.

The Law Offices of Linda Nutting Cummings represents clients in either seeking legitimate orders for protection, or in defending against orders for protection that have been sought or obtained dishonestly. Attorney Cummings has more than 20 years of experience in working with clients facing issues related to domestic violence.

Our law office defends individuals who are accused of domestic violence and other crimes. To learn more, please read our Criminal Defense Overview page.

Protect Your Future and Your Family | Attorney Linda Nutting Cummings

For more information, or for a free initial consultation with an experienced divorce and physical abuse lawyer, please contact the firm in Andover, Massachusetts, today at 978-470-3535.

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